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Energy efficiency in the riser system

With respect to performance and competitiveness, foundries and their supplier industries cannot turn their backs on the global trend to use resources more efficiently and to optimize raw materials and auxiliary resources. Great potentials can be found in the field of energy efficiency in the context of energy intensity of production processes in foundries. In addition to melting, additional energy is needed and accordingly supplied at various points in the production process. The riser system is one of the main points in the process where extra energy is added. Nowadays, solidification control is achieved primarily with exothermic feeder sleeves that are used for point heating of the feeder metal, thus enabling feeding relevant nodes of the cast part. Here, the exothermic reaction of the feeder material adds extra energy to the process while additional liquid metal is kept ready in the riser system for feeding.


The basic design principle of the ECO riser is a combination of exothermic inner riser, which holds the liquid iron for feeding, and an insulating cover that reduces heat transfer to the environment of the riser and thus greatly increases energy efficiency.  The supply of additional energy thus can be reduced and at the same time the efficiency of the product can be increased. This riser system was consistently further developed in the last four years in collaboration with Georg Fischer, Leipzig, and different ECO risers with a module range from 1.9 cm to 4.5 cm are now available as series products.


Moreover, you can trace the development of the ECO riser on the basis of various articles published by GTP Schäfer.



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