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THERMO risers


Product features:

THERMO-risers are thick-walled risers which enable feed metal utilisation of up to 60-70%. The properties of the solid riser wall range from highly exothermic to highly insulating, according to the intended application. The optimised material properties and the adapted volume enable substantial improvements in output and economic efficiency. A modulus range between 0.8 cm and around 8 cm can be covered with risers from this product segment.

In order to cover this broad modulus range, our formulations are tailored to the different geometries concerned. This enables modulus-specific factors such as firing temperature, ignition, burn-off and heating time to be optimised. The particularly robust design of the THERMO-risers means that they are equally suitable for use in hand moulding shops or in automatic high-pressure moulding lines. Fixed pins or spring-loaded pins can be used, according to the underlying conditions and the application concerned.

The sintering tendency of the riser rests allows them to be separated from the remaining moulding sand virtually in their entirety in the course of the shake-out process. In addition to the broad selection of different riser geometries, a choice of different qualities is also available.


Area of application: 

The classic fields of application for our exothermic THERMO-risers are cast iron with flaky and spheroidal graphite and cast steel. The available ISO qualities also extend the range of applications to non-ferrous metals.


Classification of different types:

  • With continuous hole in top – “T”
  • Without continuous hole in top & particularly good moulding sand compacting – “TG”
  • Self-centering variant – “TG/Z”
  • Compact design with oval exterior form “OT”



Breaker cores:

The product segment is complemented by a broad range of different breaker cores to enable optimum adaptation of the riser systems to our customers’ requirements. 


Breaker cores in Croning sand for level contact surfaces
  • "EQ": Round support surface, round neck, high strength
  • "EQ/S": Breaking edge on casting, round support surface, round neck, high strength
  • "EQ/ov": Oval support surface, oval neck, high strength
  • "EQ/ovS": Breaking edge on casting, round support surface, oval neck, high strength
  • Special breaker cores available on request

Contour breaker cores in Croning sand

  • “ESQ key breaker cores” – reduced support surface, round neck, high strength
  • Round/oval neck, high strength
  • “RQ/R, EQ/R” breaker cores with radial contact surface