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ECO riser – the development of a high efficiency feeding system for iron castings utilising modular riser materials


The ECO riser concept was introduced to the professional foundry world during GIFA 2011 and was developed based on a comparatively simple idea of which the thermo-physical data is easy to understand; …

Foundry Trade Journal 09/2017
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Less Cleaning with the NETFrame® Technology


The established foundry industry is facing increasing pressure and competition from castings produced in low cost emerging markets, it is, therefore, essential that each and every process stage of casting production be analysed, and optimised, to ensure castings are produced as efficiently and as competitively as possible.

Giesserei-Special 05/2017
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CLEANCore® – The new generation of breaker cores



A critical cost component in foundries is in the finishing / cleaning of the castings. In particular, a reliable and economical removal of the residues of the riser from the casting poses a growing challenge for foundries. For this reason, GTP Schäfer has developed the new generation of breaker cores, CLEANCore®.


Giesserei 12/2016
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ECO Riser -  Increased riser efficiency through a modular riser structure


The draft of the ECO-Riser, which was firstly presented to the professional world during GIFA 2011 is based on a relatively simple and thermophysical understandable basic idea: To optimize the efficiency of high exothermic risers by reducing the casting of exothermic energy to the leant form material by an insulation layer or by turning the energy to the inside of the riser – the real achievement place. The draft was developed together with Thomas Baginski from the Georg Fischer GmbH in Leipzig.

Giesserei 1/2015
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Corporate succession successfully managed


When it comes to improved characteristics within the production of complex castings in grey and ductile iron, steal or non-ferrous metals high quality feeding systems are needed. GTP Schaefer GmbH with its headquarters in Grevenbroich, Germany has focused on the development and production of such feeder/riser systems and has recently successfully completed its corporate succession. Since 25 years the company - due to its innovative product portfolio and customer orientated concepts - has been able to position itself on the market. The reason for this is: Within its growth strategy the management emphasises a sustainable and healthy development…

Giesserei 6/2014
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Sustainable Success Story - 25 years of GTP Schäfer GmbH


Over the past 25 years GTP Schäfer has been able to sustainably grow its business due to its customer orientated and innovative product concepts. A high level of quality awareness, lean organisational structures and efficient supply chains are part of the success story of the company…

Giesserei-Erfahrungsaustausch 3+4/2014
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Giesserei Erfahrungsaustausch


Energy efficiency in the feeder system


The production processes in foundries are energy intensive, and so there is a great potential for improvements in the field of energy efficiency. In addition to the melting itself, various other stages in the manufacturing process require additional energy to be supplied to them. One of the main process steps that require additional energy…


Giesserei Erfahrungsaustausch 1+2/2013
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CERATEC synthetic moulding material as an alternative to zircon and chromite



More and more foundries are using special moulding materials to meet ever increasing customer requirements for the surface quality of castings, which at the same time they are becoming increasingly complex...

Giesserei-Rundschau 03/04 2012 (German)
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Technical Paper on POINT-Riser technology



Reduction of production costs by the application of innovative feeder systems that are customized towards the individual application case...


CP+T 03/2011
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Der neue Formgrundstoff CERATEC als Alternative zu Zirkon- und Chromitsand



Immer mehr Gießereien verwenden spezielle Formgrundstoffe, um den ständig steigenden Kundenanforderungen hinsichtlich der Gussoberflächenqualität bei gleichzeitig steigender Komplexität der Gussteile gerecht werden zu können...


Gießerei-Praxis 12/2009
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“Full-service package” for customers



Grevenbroich-based riser manufacturer GTP Schäfer prides itself on putting its customers’ needs and interests first. The family-owned company is renowned for its “functional risers” – in addition to traditional Thermo-risers, the company also pursues the systematic development of innovative riser systems...


Giesserei 06/2008 (German)
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GP Special


Innovative riser systems to realise cost benefits in series production



The ongoing trend towards increasingly more complex and intricately designed castings and foundries’ efforts to realise efficiency and cost benefits call for the rigorous development of established, traditional riser systems. The risers of the “PX-ME N” product line from Grevenbroich-based company GTP Schäfer GmbH have been developed specifically to meet foundries’ present-day needs. Five years after the line’s launch, the story so far has been a resounding success...


Giesserei Praxis 03/2008 (German)
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The age of standardisation: The changing face of risers, part 2



Back in the 1960s, many foundries were still producing their own risers. The growing need for cylindrically open risers and closed sleeves led to a great variety of risers in diverse forms. Against this background, various manufacturers developed standardised risers during this period which remain common to this day...


Giesserei-Erfahrungsaustausch 06/2007 (German)
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Collective experience: The changing face of risers, part 1



Casters were already using risers back in the Bronze Age. An interesting illustration in the book “5000 Jahre Gießen von Metallen” (‘5000 years of metal casting’) shows a bronze mould for an axe...


Giesserei-Erfahrungsaustausch 05/2007 (German)
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