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Consultation projects to increase resource efficiency



Currently GTP Schäfer, Gießtechnische Produkte GmbH, is undertaking an analysis of "resource efficiency for SMEs”- potential analysis for increasing …


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Assofond Kongress, Brescia 10.-11.11.2016



In November 2016 GTP Schäfer, together with its local partner TESI, participated together at the Assofond Congress in Brescia. The opportunity afforded both partners to jointly present the latest innovations in the range of GTP NETTechnology products.



IndustryCon, Cologne 27.10.2016



The IndustryCon is the most important German congress dealing with the subject “Industry 4.0” and the „digital transformation“ for SMEs. GTP Schäfer – represented by the managing director Jörg Schäfer – was invited here to report of the digital transformation of GTP Schäfer. Within the scope of the development of the first digital assistant for the foundry-man, the GTP ToolBox, Jörg Schäfer gave the audience an insight into the ups and downs associated with the development of such an application to the listeners and explained the changes linked with it for the company processes. Afterwards, within the scope of a panel discussion, the necessary requirements for the digitalization of the processes of an SME company were discussed.



First Participation at the trade Fair in Turkey 29.09.-01.10.2016


For the first time GTP Schaefer participated in the 13th International Iron, Steel and Foundry Technology fair Ankiros in Istanbul at the end of September 2016. Backed up by its local partner Zenmet, the latest innovations and product portfolio were presented on an own stand to the Turkish foundry industry



Trade Fair in China 17.-20.05.2016


In May 2016, GTP Schäfer exhibited their existing product portfolio and latest innovations for feeding technology at the Chinese Metals and Metallurgy exhibition in Beijing. For the first time, visitors were able to view GTP products and discuss their requirements on a GTP booth.



Trade Fair in USA 16.-19.04.2016


Again this year, GTP Schäfer, together with its local partner Joymark, presented the existing product portfolio and latest innovations for feeding technology at the foundry trade fair Cast Expo, which took place in St. Louis between 16 to 19th April 2016. Cast Expo, organized by the American Foundry Society is the premier trade fair for the metal casting Industry in the USA.



„GTP ToolBox is awarded the Prize of the Digital Economy NRW “ in GIESSEREI 03/2016


In 2015 the North Rhine-Westphalia EconomicsMministry awarded the Prize of the Digital Economy (DWNRW Award) to innovative enterprises and startups for the second year in a row. In the small and medium-sized enterprises category, the Prize of the Digital Economy North Rhine-Westphalia was awarded to GTP Schäfer GmbH.


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Trade Fair in India 29.01.-01.02.2016


Between the 29th January and the 1st February 2016, GTP Schaefer, together with its local JV partners, MPM Private Ltd, attended and exhibited the latest innovations and existing product portfolio for feeding technology at the International Foundry Trade fair IFEX in Coimbatore, India.



ECO-Risers for superfine component geometries


GTP Schäfer has developed the ECO Riser concept, first presented at GIFA 2011, in close cooperation with Mr. Thomas Baginski of Georg Fischer GmbH, Leipzig. The ECO Riser delivers a far higher percentage of its energy to the melt compared to traditional risers. This means that the exothermic energy is focused on maintaining liquid risers for longer instead of losing it unused to the surrounding moulding sand, enabling reductions is riser modulus and greater flexibility in use.


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Precisely defined breaking edges for easy riser removal


GTP Schaefer: Many foundries, especially those producing components with a high dimensional accuracy, know the problem: Riser rests cannot be easily and precisely removed from the casting when the riser neck increases above a certain diameter without risking damage to the casting surfaces. Riser expert GTP Schaefer has launched a series of penetration resistant breaker cores, in modules above 5.0 cm, that facilitates easy riser removal by ensuring a clearly defined riser neck.


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Environmentally friendly smokeless, inorganic Risers for the non-ferrous metals industry


GTP Schaefer: A common environmental problem occurring in foundries casting aluminium in green sand has been resolved: Traditional use of organic binders for ISO-Riser production leads to high concentrations of smoke and odour during the casting process and subsequent pyrolisation of the riser. In the past inorganically bound risers, used to overcome smoke and fume  issues, have not provided the same performance as risers produced with more traditional organic binders. GTP Schaefer have solved the performance related problems of the past and have launched a new series of inorganic, environmentally friendly ISO-Risers for the non-ferrous sector eliminating smoke and fume, whilst at the same time maintaining the high degree of performance demanded by the end user.


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CERATEC – An alternative synthetic material for moulding and core making


At GIFA 2015 GTP Schaefer presented CERATEC as a technical alternative to the aggregates chromite and zircon, most commonly utilised in the casting process for moulding and core making when silica sand is insufficient.


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POINT-Riser – Optimising the feeding process


Casting geometries are becoming increasingly more complex and require the use of more technical, innovative feeding systems. Riser experts GTP Schäfer, located in town of Grevenbroich, lead this trend by enlarging the product portfolio of their most successful PX-ME series, offering the foundry man a greater range and variation to suit even the most diverse of applications.


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Foundry 4.0: Digitalisation as a key indicator for sustainable business success


In the same way as the invention of the steam engine and the production line a few hundred years ago, digitalisation is fundamentally turning production processes as well our internally and externally-oriented methods upside down nowadays. Industrial success and, as a result, the success of the foundry industry will significantly depend upon the success of improvements in efficiency in terms of data exchange and intercompany communication in forthcoming years. Therefore GTP Schäfer has developed the GTP ToolBox which will support our customers efficiently and especially will simplify and speed up the communication.


Foundry 4.0
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First participation at the trade fair in China
19.05. – 22.05.2014


This year GTP Schäfer has participated for the first time at the Foundry Expo in Beijing. Together with the local partner James Durrans , GTP presented the existing product portfolio and the latest innovations.



Successful recertification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001  


GTP Schäfer has successfully recertified ISO 9001, originally awarded in 1994 for quality management, and ISO 14001, an environmental certification dating back to 1996. The recertifications were given without objections or restrictions. Since the introduction of the quality management system GTP Schäfer has continually improved and refined their control and production processes. These efforts are an important part of their corporate strategy enabling GTP Schäfer to offer its customers innovative product solutions at the highest possible level of quality.

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GTP Schäfer celebrates 25th anniversary


GTP Schäfer celebrated its 25th anniversary with all employees at the beginning of this year. The managers Jörg and Thomas Schäfer as well as the founder Jürgen-Michael Schäfer expressed their thanks to their employees for their support and trustful cooperation.



Trade Fair in USA 06.-09.04.2013


This year GTP Schäfer - together with its local partner Joymark - presented its existing product portfolio as well as its innovations on the foundry trade fair St. Louis. The CastExpo is the premier metalcasting expositions in the USA.


Report on GIFA 2011 regarding Moulding Materials – CERATEC , a synthetic moulding material as alternative to zircon and chrome sand in Giesserei Ausgabe 10


Giesserei 10/2011
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Report on GIFA 2011: ECO-Riser – Energy optimized riser system


Introduction of an optimized riser system for the enhancement of the energy efficiency within the feeding system.

Giesserei 10/2011
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Trade Fair in Poland 28.-30.09.2011


Also this year GTP Schäfer - together with its local Partner JAK - presented its existing product portfolio as well as its innovations on the foundry trade fair in Kielce.

The annual foundry trade fair is the most important event within the Eastern Europe region, which is underlined by the annual growth rates. The product focus lies within the fields of foundry machinery and foundry consumables, which are presented in an attractive way.


GIFA 2011: Interview regarding the GTP Schäfer`s market approach


Interview in Casting Plant and Technology 03/2011
Interview in Gießerei 09/2011

CP+T 03/2011
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Giesserei 09/2011
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GIFA Preliminary Report: CERATEC: a synthetic moulding material


Giesserei 06/2011
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GIFA Preliminary Report: ECO-Riser


Giesserei 06/2011
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GIFA Preliminary Report: POINT-Speiser Portfolio


Giesserei 04/2011
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GIFA Preliminary Report: Cold Box-Riser Portfolio


Giesserei 03/2011
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CP+T 01/2011
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GTP Schäfer receives "Preferred Supplier" status from Bosch


As a result of the many years of successful co-operation with the Bosch Rexroth group GTP Schäfer has received the “Preferred Supplier” status. This is the highest possible classification within the Bosch groups’ worldwide network of foundry aid suppliers. As a supplier, GTP Schäfer is tightly integrated into the operational sequences of Bosch Rexroth. This has enabled the development of innovative and efficient logistics concepts as well as the continuous advancement of basic concepts and production stages.



Successful recertification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


GTP Schäfer has successfully recertified ISO 9001, originally awarded in 1994 for quality management, and ISO 14001, an environmental certification dating back to 1996. The recertifications were given without objections or restrictions. Since the introduction of the quality management system GTP Schäfer has continually improved and refined their control and production processes. These efforts are an important part of their corporate strategy enabling GTP Schäfer to offer its customers innovative product solutions at the highest possible level of quality.



GTP Schäfer receives class A supplier status from Georg Fischer AG 


Georg Fischer AG has classified GTP Schäfer as a class A supplier in its annual supplier rating. This results from many years of successful cooperation between the two companies. The A rating accords GTP Schäfer the status of a development partner. The relationship has gone from strength to strength in recent years as a result of ongoing joint research and development work by the two companies.



"PX-ME N" riser systems



Hall 3, stand A01


In addition to traditional riser solutions, GTP Schäfer is also presenting the latest developments in the field of exothermic riser systems at GIFA 2007. The ongoing trend towards increasingly more complex and intricately designed castings and foundries’ efforts to realise efficiency and cost benefits call for the rigorous development of established, traditional riser systems.
GTP Schäfer has pressed ahead with the further development of the POINT risers® featuring metal disks (“PX-ME N”) with the aim of offering customers a standard product that incorporates substantial added value in the form of cost and efficiency benefits. These innovative riser systems (photographs 1 to 3) broaden significantly the potential scope of applications for risers, particularly on extremely small or high contact surfaces such as cams. The raised position of the riser prior to moulding on pins enables optimum compacting of the moulding material under the riser. This results in improved process reliability, which constitutes an increasingly important factor in large-scale production in particular.

The risers of the “PX-ME N” series also substantially reduce the necessary scope of work in the cleaning department, thus offering foundries additional cost-cutting potential. The required scope of cleaning work is reduced in particular via the formation of a precisely defined breaking edge by the metal disk directly above the contact surface. GTP Schäfer also offers these risers in fluorine-free quality, in order to reduce the level of fluorine content in the moulding material.

The above-described development of the "PX-ME N" product line with round and oval gate cross-sections demonstrates how GTP Schäfer systematically pursues its corporate strategy of developing innovative and cost-efficient product solutions with and for its customers.


Giesserei 06/2007
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GTP Schäfer presents new moulding material



Hall 3, Stand A01



GTP Schäfer is presenting its new moulding material, CERATEC B, at GIFA 2007. This new development offers an economical alternative to the chromium ore and zircon sand products which are in common use today and to synthetic moulding materials with a low coefficient of expansion.

Apart from the option of adding CERATEC B to quartz sand as a basic moulding material, CERATEC B can also be used in an appropriately high concentration as facing sand and, in particular, in the manufacture of cores designed to withstand high levels of thermal stress.

CERATEC B’s extreme cost efficiency stems from a substantial reduction in the amount of binder required. Depending on the employed binder system, the amount of binder added to the process can be reduced by up to 60% in comparison to the quantities required when using traditional basic moulding materials. In addition to its excellent workability, which results in part from improved castability and reduced bulk density, CERATEC B is also able to increase productivity in the core shop on account of markedly reduced gassing times.

CERATEC B’s high gas permeability and the low binder requirements largely eliminate the need for air cords and core irons. This property of CERATEC B means that casting defects such as gas bubbles, scabbing or sintered core irons can be avoided. Due to its high level of stability when subjected to thermal stress, outstanding surface qualities are attainable even with the most intricate cores. Depending on the employed casting method, these qualities may be comparable with the results of ceramic casting.



Trend towards innovative riser
systems emerging more strongly


Once again this year, GIFA, the world’s largest trade fair for the foundry industry, presented the latest trends in the field of foundry technology. In the area of foundry materials and aids, an increased interest in “value-added” riser systems was apparent among customers.

In addition to the riser sleeve’s original function of supporting the caster in producing shrinkage-free castings, much more is expected of a riser system today, particularly in series production on automatic moulding lines. Foundries’ expectations of modern riser systems focus in particular on cost-cutting coupled with increased process reliability.

Against this background, since the PX-ME riser system was premiered at GIFA 2003 GTP Schäfer has striven continuously to improve the applications engineering of the risers with metal breaker cores, expanding the product range in the process. This riser system enables precision feeding of the ever more intricate castings at the relevant junctions on the tiniest contact surfaces, thus optimising feeding efficiency. The minimal contact surfaces and the controlled predefined breaking point on the cast surface enable a particularly high quality of cast surface, thereby also reducing the attendant cleaning costs.

GTP Schäfer also presented the new VX riser at this year’s GIFA as an addition to the PX-ME riser system. This is a flexible riser system consisting of two pieces which are loosely slotted together, with the pin bringing the two parts of the riser system into position. The distinctive feature of this riser system is the heated riser neck. The VX riser has been developed in particular with small contact surfaces on the casting in mind, such as cams. This principle results in particularly good compacting of the moulding material around the riser neck.

With these riser systems, GTP Schäfer offers customers two ways of addressing the increased complexity of castings. “The onus is clearly on us to offer customers the greatest possible added value with our products," observed senior manager Jürgen Schäfer, who looked back at GIFA 2007 in the most positive terms.