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POINT risers

Product features:

POINT risers® are thick-walled risers which enable feed metal utilisation of up to 60-70%. They have been developed especially for demanding applications in modern high-pressure moulding lines. The properties of the solid riser wall range from highly exothermic to highly insulating, according to the intended application. The optimised material properties and the adapted volume enable substantial improvements in output and economic efficiency.

The self-centering inner contour ensures fast charging of the pattern plate with risers in sync with the moulding plant. The small neck of the riser only requires the area of the metal connection channel between casting and riser. In contrast to risers with a breaker core, this enables absolutely accurate positioning of the riser. These risers can thus be used on the smallest items, such as cams or fins.

During pouring of the moulding sand into the moulding box, the POINT risers® are initially held up by a pin. As the moulding sand is compacted, the riser is moved in the direction of the pattern, thus compacting the moulding sand between riser and pattern. The casting contour under the riser is produced by the moulding sand which is moulded between riser and casting in the form of a breaker core. The neatly formed casting contour is only interrupted by the small metal riser neck.


Modular principle:

In the course of development of the POINT risers® the self-centering risers have been bonded with exothermic reducing plates and with flat and hat-type metal disks which are similar to key breaker cores. This product variety provides foundries with a broad choice of innovative solutions.


POINT risers with metal neck (MS)

In order to meet the increasing requirements of semi-automatic high-pressure moulding lines with their ever higher compacting pressure coupled with more complex casting geometries and correspondingly exposed riser positions, the POINT risers® can be provided with a flat metal disk of 1-2 mm in thickness. While performing the same function as the reducing plates, the MS disks are more robust in design.


POINT risers® with metal breaker core

The PX-ME N series comprises POINT risers® with a metal breaker core – an outward-arching metal disk which is fixed to the body of the riser. This combines minimum volume with maximum output and ensures more reliable processes in high-pressure moulding lines in particular.

The metal disk produces a predefined breaking edge directly above the contact surface. The required contact area for the riser can be reduced to the metallic cross-section of the riser neck.

The defined breaking point enables efficient removal of the riser rest in the cleaning department and the minimal contact area of the ME disk eliminates the need for extensive grinding of the casting in the direct vicinity of the riser.

Particularly in exposed positions such as flanges with minimal contact areas, use of the “PX-ME N” avoids the need for a larger contact area which will require extensive finishing after the actual casting process.

The metal disks are available in diameters of 15 mm to 40 mm. Metal disks with an oval hole (MEov N) have additionally been developed for particularly narrow, exposed contact surfaces such as flanges.