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Environmental management

Manufacturing hand in hand with the Environment


At GTP Schäfer we attach great importance to sustainable, virtually emission-free production and corresponding products. That is why an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 has been an integral part of the company's management system since the year 2000.


Our ongoing improvement process and our extensive investments in this area make a positive contribution towards protecting the environment. Some of the basic elements of our philosophy of sustainable production are:


  • Only low-emission natural gas is used as a source of energy in our furnaces.


  • By using rainwater for parts of our production systems and sanitary facilities, we reduce consumption of valuable potable water to a minimum.


  • We have reduced the volumes of waste resulting from our production operations. Our waste is separated according to disposal categories, thus promoting the recycling of valuable raw materials.


  • As guarantee of improved air quality, all dust arising from production processes at GTP Schäfer is reliably extracted and recycled.


  • In order to avoid contaminating our customers’ sand systems with fluorine from the riser material and to ensure that the used sand is suitable for landfill disposal, we are increasingly offering risers without fluorine content. Water glass is used primarily here, as an environment-friendly, inorganic binder.